welcome to Mots Sur Une Page


Are first posts always this tough? I believe the difficulty lies in the fact that you are setting the foundation for a whole blog, and you don’t even have anyone to read what you are writing.

I will outline what I plan to write about, though things may change. So, not in any particular order, here goes.

  1. Music. Otherwise known as my whole life.
  2. Cooking. I eat a vegan and oil-free diet, so I will probably be sharing recipes and stuff about that.
  3. Photography. I have some pretty cool pictures I’d love to put up. Doggies, anyone!?
  4. Spiritual. Thoughts, quotes, Bible verses, anything I find inspirational.
  5. Random. Which leaves a lot of space for a lot of things.


And, just as a disclaimer, I don’t speak French, even though my blog title is French. I’m trying to work on German, actually.



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