This Isn’t A Food Post

You know what happened? I revamped my blog, got a whole schedule worked out (one that wasn’t too overwhelming, like I did when I first started blogging), and told myself this was going to work. Then, I got a cold last night, so even if Tuesdays are supposed to be food day, that’s not happening this week. Sorry. 😦

Anyway, that is today’s blog post. I just had to post something today so I didn’t feel like a totally delinquent blogger. Something in me told me to at least post a post even if it was off topic. 🙂 (And I don’t think you would have known it was off topic unless I’d told you ’cause a food Tuesday isn’t the norm yet!)

Well, I don’t have a pic, but my brother did make an amazing carrot and apple juice blend for me that TOTALLY helped my sore throat feel better. (That sentence didn’t count as a food post did it?)