How To Lengthen a Dress

Hello everyone! Today I have a sewing/DIY project to share. It involves a really cute, but too short dress from thredUP, and lace. 🙂 (I looove lace btw!)

Let’s get started! Here is where you should see a before picture, but the only before picture I have is in bad lighting and has a distracting background. Therefore, just go here to see it. In the description it said 37″ which should have been the perfect length for me, but when I got it, it was actually a little too short. I was NOT going to send that dress back, so I determined to fix it!

The first thing I did was roughly measure the lining of the dress around the hem to see how much lace I needed. Once I (ahem, my mom), bought the lace, it was a really simple fix.

I pinned on the lace to kind of get a feel how things would turn out:


With it pinned, I tried it on just to make sure the length was good, (which it was), and after that, I unpinned it then pinned it on again since it needed to be slightly adjusted. Hopefully these pictures below will show you what I did.


In the left picture, I brought the lace all the way over to the edge of the fabric, while in the right I brought it only as far as the lining went. The reason I did this was so that when the dress is buttoned, the lace will line up without any odd layering or bunching.

Then it was time to sew! I have a confession to make: Rarely do I ever have thread that matches what I am working on when I sew. So, what you will now see is this white lace sewn onto whitish fabric with yellow thread. I know, I know. Still, it was better that turquoise or something else like that!



Above you see the yellow thread. And you see that I hand-sewed it. Another confession: My sewing machine started jamming up like, two or so months ago, so all my sewing projects are done by hand now. :/ I guess I’m sorta crazy. (I actually do think it was a good idea to hand sew this particular project though. It should actually be more secure in the long run.)


That is what the hem looks like now. A little longer and still classy!


Right above you can see how the edges will line up. I do plan some fray stop to the edges, although I will test it first on a little piece of lace I had left over!

And finally, the finished product! I actually love the dress even more with the lace!


P.S. Thanks goes to my brother for taking the last picture. 🙂