5 Tips For New Bloggers

It’s hard to believe this is my 50th post here at Words On A Page! I’ve been blogging for over four months now, and there are few things I’ve learned about blogging that I would love to share with any wannabe or newbie bloggers.

1. Blogging isn’t easy. I don’t know why, but before I started a blog, I thought it would all be really easy. You know, the words would just magically appear on the screen, my photography would be amazing, whatever. Well, that isn’t true. Blogging is hard work!

2. Have a game plan. Another thing I did, or rather didn’t do, was have a set idea of what I wanted to blog about. Sure, if you check out my first post, I did state what I planned to blog about, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted my blog to be. Before you start a blog, you should definitely spend a lot of time considering what you want to blog about, why you are blogging, and what you want the future of your blog to be.

3. Think about your web address. OK, that may sound crazy, but seriously, after you start a blog, your url is practically the only thing you can’t change. You want a catchy address, so readers can easily remember it, but you also want it to be pretty short, because anything really long could be tiresome to type or remember. Learn from my mistake! Motssurunepage.wordpress.com is not a brilliant url. Who wants to remember a French phrase unless you speak French or are catering to a French speaking audience? Basically, short but sweet, and individual but not too individual!

4. Once you have a blog, publish your own content. This should be pretty obvious, but I’m still throwing it in here. People will come to your blog for your own uniqueness, not because you are reblogging other people’s posts or videos. Yes, there is a time for showing other people’s work, but please, we want to see your creativity, not other stuff! This is your special corner of the internet!

5. Learn from mistakes. This is really important. Learn from other bloggers mistakes. Learn from your own mistakes, (like I have and am still doing). Remember, blogging is a journey and a learning process. Have fun with it and keep learning!