How Did I Do? May and June Goals

It’s time for a look back on how I did with my May goals! (If you missed the original post, click here to read it.)

Refashion a dress into one skirt and one dress. I did half of that. You can see it here. Part two is still being worked on, and what makes it harder is that I don’t have a [working] sewing machine to use. 😦

Master Schubert’s “L’Abeille” on the violin. Yes! This was completed! Of course there is always room for improvement, but in my violin lessons, my teacher has moved me on to a new, and harder song, Kreisler’s Praeludium and Allegro, so L’Abeille is done! 🙂 Btw, it is really fun to play!

Try to post every day for one week this month. Oh, I was so close! I posted every day between May 22-28 except the 27th. 😦 You can check out all those posts here if you missed anything. 🙂

Refine my skincare routine. Yes, I believe I did this. I have been focusing on keeping my skin clean and exfoliated, and it has seemed to help with what acne I do have occasionally. If you want me to do a post on my routine, get this post to ten likes!

Now, it’s time to set some goals for June!

  • Finish refashioning that dress!
  • Work on Kreisler’s “Praeludium and Allegro.”
  • Finish Driver’s Ed and get my learner’s permit!
  • Blog at least three times a week.
  • Get 50 followers!

(I know the featured image is off the topic of this post, but it was so cute I had to include it. Thank you Pixabay for adorable puppies!)