The Farmer and His Ground

Once upon a time, there was a farmer, and he decided that he wanted to plant corn. However, just as he planted the corn, a huge storm came, and flooded his land. Not to be undone, he thought that he would plant rice. As he did that though, a hot, dry wind came and dried his land as hard as rock. Always the optimist, he planted cacti, hoping it would flourish in the now dry earth.

The weather was brutal where this farmer lived though, and because there was absolutely no water, even the cacti couldn’t grow. The usually congenial farmer became sad and depressed, and finally decided to give up farming and move to the city. The night before he was to move away, a gentle summer storm came, watering his ground. When the farmer woke up in the morning and looked out his window, what met his eyes shocked him. There, growing out of his ground, were three types of baby plants: corn, rice, and cacti.

Carefully he went to tend them, and by the end of the summer he had a flourishing three-in-one crop, with corn and rice to eat, and succulents for decoration in his home. Not only did he have enough for him and his family, but there was plenty to sell, so he made some money to buy clothing with.

What is the moral of this story? Having a cheerful spirit always helps you.

I hope you guys liked this. I had a schoolwork assignment where I had to write a two hundred word piece showing my knowledge of some grammar, and this is what I came up with. My mom is always saying I need to write more on here, so this should make her happy. 🙂